Tesla Model Y Equipment

Design Options:

  • Tow Hitch ($1000 while custom building, $1200 to install later) https://shop.tesla.com/product/model-y-tow-package
    High-strength steel tow bar and 2” hitch receiver capable of towing up to 3,500 pounds on all wheel configurations. Price includes shipping and installation and ships to your preferred Service Center.


  • Gen 2 Mobile Connector Bundle ($275 purchased separately) https://shop.tesla.com/product/gen-2-mobile-connector-bundle
    Includes NEMA 5-15 adapter to plug in to your standard 120V/15A outlet. This is the bare minimum charging you can do – I will be testing this connector and seeing how small your effective range is when you are stuck with this charger. I measured the cord at 18.75 feet.
  • SAE J1772 Charging Adapter ($95 purchased separately) https://shop.tesla.com/product/sae-j1772-charging-adapter
    Compatible with most Level 2 public charging stations, supports charging speeds up to 19.2kW and works with all Tesla vehicles.
  • USB Drive – 128 GB ($45 purchased separately, overpriced) https://shop.tesla.com/product/usb-drive—128-gb
    Inside the glovebox. Store your Sentry Mode and Dashcam footage.
  • Carpet Interior Mats ($95 purchased separately) https://shop.tesla.com/product/model-y-carpet-interior-mats
  • Key Card ($35 purchased separately) https://shop.tesla.com/product/model-3_y-key-card


  • Roof Rack $500 https://shop.tesla.com/product/model-y-roof-rack
    This is the first thing I added to my cart. Apparently it is Yakima brand, which I am familiar with. I want the ability to put large items on the roof, most notably kayaks. A kayak will definitely hurt efficiency, but as of now I don’t plan to need roof items during long road trips. This is mostly for short trips around my house. What I am concerned with is leaving the rack itself on the car long term and the affects on battery usage. I plan to do some testing and report back. I wonder how difficult it is to add/remove the bars…
  • Charging Adapters
    NEMA 14-50 $45 https://shop.tesla.com/product/gen-2-nema-adapters
    NEMA TT-30P $70 https://www.amazon.com/AC-WORKS-Charging-Adapter-Trailer/dp/B08VBLV7ZY
    These should be the most common outlets I come across while camping in the US – in addition to the NEMA 5-15 included with my Mobile Charger. Depending on my battery level, ambient temperature, and price of sites I can choose whether to stick with a 15/30 amp site, or spring for the 50 amp service. The nice thing about buying these Tesla specific adapters is that they have chips to limit the amperage used so you don’t have to manually set a limit of your vehicle. I have never done RV camping so it’s probably a good idea for me to confirm outlets in my local area…


  • Floor Mats $50-225 Tesla or third party
    Front mats are mandatory to easily wash off the mud from my shoes. Rear floor would be nice. They seem to also have options for frunk, rear trunk cargo, and rear trunk well storage.
  • Mud Flaps $40 ex: https://shop.tesla.com/product/model-y-mud-flaps
  • Paint Protection ex: https://shop.tesla.com/product/model-y-paint-protection-film
  • Rear Liftgate Sunshade $80 https://shop.tesla.com/product/model-y-rear-liftgate-sunshade
    Blocks two thirds of solar thermal load without compromising rearward visibility.
  • Additional Sunshades
    I want complete blackout for sleeping.

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