Seat Covers, Airbags, and OCS

The Model Y owners manual has at least 6 warnings against the use of aftermarket items attached to or placed between the seat and the occupant. For two big reasons:

  • Doing so could restrict deployment of the seatmounted side air bags if a collision occurs.
  • Doing so could reduce the accuracy of the Occupancy Classification System (OCS) – which determines the status of the passenger front airbag.

So we definitely want to avoid the side side area indicated in blue, and probably the entire side to be safe. This is the first cover I came across. I believe there is a single elastic strap around the top seat back.

One thing we want to look out for is that the OCS is detecting your passengers. If not, remove the covers before driving off.

NOTE: It takes approximately six seconds after you power on Model Y for the occupant classification system (OCS) to report accurate status of the front passenger airbag. As a result, when you first power on Model Y, even in situations when it should be OFF because the seat is occupied by a weight of 20 lbs (9 kg) or less, it will take the touchscreen approximately six seconds to display the status, PASS AIRBAG OFF. If it fails to do so, contact Tesla Service and do not seat a child in the front passenger seating position.

Software version: 2020.44 North America

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